Middlebury College Museum of Art

Event Livestreams

The museum will now be offering a livestream element for many of our events. For entirely virtual events, the livestream—which will be embedded here and, potentially, streamed in other locations such as Facebook and YouTube—will be the only way to participate. For in-person events, we’ll endeavor to simulcast all or a portion of the event as well, and that stream will be available here. As always, check here for updated details on available livestreaming content or follow us on our various social media platforms.

If we do choose to simulcast an event to other sources such as Facebook or YouTube, while we invite and encourage questions and comments in those locations—and we will endeavor to interact with them if possible—our primary focus for questions and comments will be on the chat function embedded below the livestream here on this page.

Want to watch the stream on the big screen? Simply cast it from your iOS or Android device to your smart tv, use your Chromecast or Amazon FireStick, or look for the Vimeo app on your roku-enabled device.

Also, please note: If the livestream does not launch on its own, you may need to refresh this page.