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Serve on CAPP

The Committee on Art in Public Places (CAPP) oversees the selection and placement of works of art publicly displayed on campus, all of which are fully accessioned into the Museum’s collection and maintained by Museum staff. CAPP also undertakes to engage the campus community in the selection and placement process and to inform students, faculty, staff, and visitors about the selection process as well as the benefits of maintaining a public art program.

Each year three students are elected to serve on CAPP: two from the Department of History of Art (1) and Architecture (1), and one from the Program in Studio Art. These students represent to the committee the voice of the student body, and they bear the important responsibility of disseminating information and decisions about public art on campus to their peers. Interested students may contact Douglas Perkins, Administrative Operations Manager at the Museum, or Monica McCabe, Department Coordinator for HARC and Studio Art, for more information.

To learn more about the Committee on Art in Public Places, please visit the CAPP website.