Middlebury College Museum of Art

Teaching & Learning

Exhibitions and Events

The Museum carefully considers the Middlebury College curriculum when assessing the scope and content of exhibitions. We focus on bringing to Middlebury an eclectic range of exhibitions that offer scholarship related to and provoke meaningful discussion around a diversity of cultures and disciplines. We schedule exhibitions several years out, and we invite and welcome faculty participation in the exhibition assessment process. While many of our shows begin in the minds of our curatorial staff, it is just as likely that an exhibit will arise from a faculty research project or out of a course taught in connection with museum objects. We encourage faculty to approach us with exhibition proposals and to suggest curricular collaborations related to our collection or to temporary exhibitions offered by other institutions.

Further, every semester we offer a modest number of events designed to explore more deeply the themes and theses of our exhibitions. We often enlist members of the Middlebury College faculty to give illustrated lectures and gallery talks on topics that connect their areas of expertise with the content of an exhibition, and we are happy to consider proposals from faculty for events, lectures, and symposia that would augment the theme of an exhibition and add dimension to related course content. We also welcome college classes at all of our sponsored events, and we regularly look for opportunities for interaction between our guest lecturers and various interested college courses.

For up-to-date information on our current and upcoming programs please visit our exhibitions and events pages. We also encourage you to explore the curricular connections page to learn more about possibilities for integrating the arts into your course syllabus.