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Media Respond to Edward Hopper in Vermont

July 17, 2013

Edward Hopper in Vermont has been a wildly popular exhibit, and as a result it has received a fair amount of attention from local and regional media outlets. Here is a sampling of what they have to say.

Rembrandt van Rijn, The Angel Appearing to the Shepherds

July 15, 2013

In 1634 Rembrandt was busy filling commissions as Amsterdam’s most sought-after portraitist. He was also painting religious works that pushed the dramatic stylistic devices of Baroque artists like Caravaggio and Rubens to their theatrical limits. In this print, as in those paintings, the artist presents small figures in a vast, dark setting; he uses gesture to convey drama and spotlighting to focus the viewer’s attention upon it. Consistent with Rembrandt’s contemporary painting, as well, is a high degree of finish, which drew the praise of his contemporaries for its attention to detail, variety of poses, and accuracy of emotion.

A Local Photographer Enters the Collection

July 4, 2013

The Middlebury College Museum of Art is currently featuring three recently acquired black and white photographs by local photographer Tad Merrick (1951–2012). By acquiring these works—each from a different decade of his career—the Museum has committed to preserving a sampling of Tad’s artistic legacy for future generations. Tad’s photographs will be on view through August 11.

Sabarsky Foundation Supports Museum Exhibits, Programs

June 10, 2013

The Middlebury College Museum of Art has received a gift from the Serge and Vally Sabarsky Foundation in New York that will establish a three-year initiative to bring to Middlebury a series of exhibitions developed from the Foundation’s extensive collections of German and Austrian art from the period 1890–1940.

Rare Paintings of Vermont Return for the Summer

March 18, 2013

In the more than 75 years since their creation, the majority of Edward Hopper’s Vermont works have been shrouded in obscurity, and some have not been on view to the public in nearly fifty years. This exhibition, assembled from museums and private collections throughout the United States, reunites Hopper’s Vermont works and displays them together, in Vermont, for the first time.

Small Paintings, Big Story

March 7, 2013

Historian Paul Monod unraveled some of the mysteries surrounding the museum’s two 15th-century Flemish panel paintings for an admiring audience of art aficionados on February 28. The exquisite paintings on wooden panels are attributed to the “Master of the St. Ursula Legend,” an unnamed artist working in Bruges between 1475 and 1500, and are currently on view in the museum’s Cerf Gallery. Read the full Dispatch on the Middlebury Magazine blog.

Drawing On the Wall

March 6, 2013

Students in Edward Vazquez’s spring course “Minimalism: Art, Objects, and Experience” finished recreating Sol LeWitt’s Wall Drawing #394 in the museum’s Overbrook Gallery this week, and Middlebury Magazine was on hand to produce a great short video about the process.

Minimalism, Hands On

February 27, 2013

The First Commandment for museumgoers — thou shalt not touch — has been suspended this week for 13 Middlebury College art-history students. They’re drawing with crayons on a wall of the college’s Museum of Art. What would usually be considered totally transgressive behavior is actually an essential act in regard to the centerpiece of a show titled “Linear Thinking: Sol LeWitt, Modern, Postmodern and Contemporary Art from the Collection.” The students in Middlebury professor Edward Vazquez’s course on minimalism are completing a LeWitt wall drawing in accordance with instructions from the artist’s estate. Read the full story in Seven Days.

'Nature Transformed' Highlights Our Impact on the Environment

February 21, 2013

“Looking at the photos, you might decide they reflect the scarring of a gorgeous landscape. You might also be struck by the sharp color and dramatic angles Burtynsky extracts from the quarries and tell yourself he’s not showing a scarring of the landscape, but instead he’s pulling back the curtain to reveal Vermont’s inner beauty. Stare at the photos long enough and you’ll probably bounce between those two views several times.” Read the full story in the Burlington Free Press.