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Friday, October 28

Keith Haring: A Discussion with Julia Gruen

Curatorial Discussion
Time: 12:15pm
Location: Middlebury College Museum of Art, Johnson Gallery

Julia Gruen, Executive Director, Keith Haring Foundation

Long-time friend and, since 1984, studio manager for artist Keith Haring, Julia Gruen has been actively promoting Haring’s art and the philanthropic activity of the Haring Foundation since its inauguration and her appointment as its director in 1989. Her knowledge of Haring as a visionary artist, celebrity, and a force for political and social change is unequalled. Ms. Gruen will take questions from the floor in addition to participating in an interview with the curators of the exhibition.

Keith Haring, Pop Shop 1
Keith Haring, Pop Shop I, 1987, silkscreen, 12 x 15 inches. © Keith Haring Foundation [KHP-0124]