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Friday, March 17

New Horizons in Chinese Gold in the Han Dynasty

Illustrated Lecture
Time: 12:15pm
Location: Mahaney Center for the Arts, Room 125

Sarah Laursen, Robert P. Youngman ’64 Curator of Asian Art

Assistant Professor of History of Art and Architecture and Robert P. Youngman ’64 Curator of Asian Art Sarah Laursen examines the production of gold objects during the Han dynasty, when China increased its contact with other states and became integrated into trade networks like the Silk Road. This lecture will explore the foreign styles, techniques, and forms that first appear in the Han dynasty, as well as the use of gold as a marker of elite status and official rank, a tool for diplomacy, and an international currency and commodity. Please arrive early, seating is limited. Part of the Fridays at the Museum series.

Zhongguo jinyin boli falang qi quanji