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Thursday, October 23

Tibetan Sand Mandala Exhibit

Ongoing Demonstration
Time: 9:00am
Location: Davis Family Library, Atrium

The Monks of the Namgyal Monastery

On Thursday, October 23, the Monks of the Namgyal Monastery will, in the Atrium of the Davis Family Library, begin creating a sand mandala, which is a circular diagram containing sacred symbols drawn with fine, colored grains of sand. They will continue working daily 9 am–noon, and 2–4 pm. At noon on Sunday, October 26, the monks will finish the sand mandala and then dismantle it at 4 pm, at which point they’ll walk to Otter Creek to pour the sand into the water and recite prayers. All are invited to accompany them. To learn more, you can watch a video of the monks creating a sand mandala. Co-sponsored by the Middlebury College Museum of Art, the Friends of the Art Museum, the Department of History of Art and Architecture, and the Director of the Arts.