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Thursday, March 1

Empress Furia Tranquillina and the Dynamics of Late Roman Portraiture

Illustrated Lecture
Time: 4:30pm
Location: Mahaney Center for the Arts, Room 125

Pieter Broucke, Director of the Arts, Professor of History of Art and Architecture, and Associate Curator of Ancient Art

Professor Broucke discusses the Museum’s 2010 acquisition of a portrait of the late Roman Empress Tranquillina, wife of Gordian III, who ruled from 238-244 c.e., the tumultuous time of the "Soldier Emperors." The portrait belongs to a sculptural type attributed to an anonymous sculptor (the Gordian Master) whose schematic approach to the human face heralds the advent of late antique and early medieval modes of representation. In his lecture, Dr. Broucke contextualizes the important new acquisition, in both historical and art-historical terms. Cosponsored by the Middlebury College Museum of Art and the Department of History of Art and Architecture. Seating is limited and is available on a first-come first-served basis.