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Tuesday, October 26

Four Decades of Collecting Sculpture at Middlebury: from Neo-Classicism through Symbolism

Time: 4:30pm
Location: Dana Auditorium

John Hunisak, Professor of History of Art and Architecture

John Hunisak, professor of history of art and architecture. Early in the history of Middlebury’s permanent collection, two busts—a marble by Vermonter Hiram Powers and a bronze by Frenchman François Rude—established nineteenth-century sculpture as an area of interest. Those thoughtful purchases have served as a nucleus around which a distinguished array of sculptures in various media, from several national schools, has coalesced. John Hunisak will survey the museum’s history of collecting these sculptures and contextualize them in the larger fabric of nineteenth-century art. Cosponsored by the Middlebury College Museum of Art and the Friends of the Art Museum.