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Thursday, March 18

“Bollywood Cinema and Mughal History: Creative Revisionism in Contemporary Indian Film”

Time: 4:30pm
Location: Mahaney Center for the Arts, Room 221

Cynthia Packert, Professor of History of Art and Architecture

Akbar, the mid-sixteenth century Mughal ruler of India, was renowned as a just and politically astute ruler. Although a Muslim, he embraced learning about the other faiths in his empire, especially Hinduism. Indeed, one of his most important political negotiations was to take a bride, popularly known as Jodha-Bai, from a Hindu Rajput clan. Their marriage was legendary. In this talk Cynthia Packert, professor of history of art and architecture, will explore the romance, the myths, the politics, and the film representations of this great Muslim-Hindu union, as well as explore what meaning these films might have for understanding Muslim-Hindu relations in contemporary India. She will also look at the ways that Mughal and Rajput paintings were used as sources for the films.