Middlebury College Museum of Art

Tuesday, January 12

ReMasterworks Challenge Deadline

Audience Creativity Contest
Time: 11:59pm



Got a little downtime? Flex your creativity! Recreate artworks from Middlebury’s collection in this community-wide challenge brought to you by MCAB and the Student Friends of the Art Museum. Try it solo or team up. Simply choose from a selection of eligible works, then submit your creation via this form. Only current Middlebury students are eligible for prizes, but we welcome submissions from any member of our audience! Please view the guidelines for submission (which, yes, still bears the old deadline of December 18, please ignore) and learn more about the challenge.

an artwork by Frida Kahlo showing a woman in a white shirt smoking a cigarette with parrots in her lap and on her shoulders along side a reimagined version of the same image shwing a woman in a white shirt with green laundry detergent containers in her lap and on her shoulders
Image from the Getty Challenge, featuring a painting by Frida Kahlo