Middlebury College Museum of Art


Wondrous Worlds: Art and Islam through Time and Place

September 14–December 2, 2018

Featuring more than 100 outstanding works of art from the Newark Museum's extraordinary collections, Wondrous Worlds will showcase the long history, vast geographic expanse and amazing diversity of works of art in the Islamic world. Two factors distinguish this exhibition: first, the inclusion of works from Southeast Asia and East and West Africa, areas largely overlooked in most exhibitions of Islamic art; and second, modern and contemporary works are featured side-by-side with historic objects. Works in the exhibition cover nearly all media, ranging from carpets to dress to jewelry, ceramics, glass, metal, paintings, prints, calligraphy, and photographs. This exhibition will surprise viewers with dazzling works that span more than 1,400 years of artistry.

Molded Tile with Calligraphic, Floral, and Geometric Motifs
Molded Tile with Calligraphic, Floral, and Geometric Motifs. Kashan, Iran, first half of the 13th century, late Abbasid Period (750-1258). White paste clay body with white, blue, turquoise, and luster glazes. Newark Museum. Gift of Herman A. E. Jaehne and Paul C. Jaehne, 1938, 38.242.