Middlebury College Museum of Art


Exhibitions 2019–2020

Following is a list of exhibitions that were on view during the 2019–2020 academic year. Please click on the title of an exhibition to view a full press release for that show.

Weimar, Dessau, Berlin: The Bauhaus as School and Laboratory

February 7–April 19, 2020
The Bauhaus (1919–1933) was an experimental school, a modern laboratory for artistic innovation. This exhibition considers not only the Bauhaus’ far reaching influence on the practice and teaching of art, design and architecture, but also its enormous social and political impacts.

Lost Luxuries: Ancient Chinese Gold

January 24–April 19, 2020
This exhibition explores the artistry and social meanings of Chinese gold objects produced between the Warring States period (475–221 BCE) and Tang dynasty (618–907 CE), as well as the more recent story of how they entered American museum collections. The ancient artifacts are accompanied by innovative digital features that bring to life recent excavations, traditional goldsmithing techniques, and the diverse peoples who owned and used them.

Hong Chun Zhang: Hair Story in Charcoal and Ink

January 24–May 3, 2020
Chinese-born artist Hong Chun Zhang began making waves with her “hairy” style in 2002. The long black locks that pervade her artworks bind her to her past in China, even as her depictions of the natural world evoke her new home. In this series, hair becomes a channel for Zhang’s exploration of her personal identity.

Votes...for Women?

September 13–December 8, 2019
The activists who took on the cause of woman suffrage in the early years of the 20th Century came from all walks of life and all corners of the country. This exhibit of vintage photographs, banners, and memorabilia coincides with the 100th anniversary of the campaign to ratify the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution in 1920.

MuseumLab: Conversations across the Curriculum

September 3–December 8, 2019
This fall the Museum will launch MuseumLab, an experiment in interdisciplinary learning which will turn our Overbook Gallery into a “teaching laboratory,” displaying a diverse array of works selected for courses taught by professors from across Middlebury’s academic curriculum.

Artemis to Armstrong: Capturing the Moon in Art and Science

August 8–December 8, 2019

To mark the 50th anniversary of the lunar landing, the Museum’s summer interns have curated an exhibition exploring the relationship between wonder and science in depictions of the moon. Artemis to Armstrong unites objects from three Middlebury collections: Museum, Archives, and Science Library.