Middlebury College Museum of Art


Exhibitions 2017–2018

Following is a list of exhibitions that were on view during the 2017–2018 academic year. Please click on the title of an exhibition to view a full press release for that show.

1968: The Whole World is Watching

May 25–August 12, 2018
1968 was a year of upheaval and transformation. It was a year in which national and international events spawned intense vocal expression and protest. This exhibit, through the lens of art, music, and literature, looks back fifty years to consider the issues then transforming American society.

Just Kids: Photographs from the Nicholas Gift

May 25–August 12, 2018
The Museum recently received an extensive collection of photographs of children from all corners of the globe. In this exhibition we survey a range of documentary and intimate images that depict the characteristic activities, delights, and inevitable sorrows of childhood. Photographers whose works are on view include Ken Heyman, Ilse Bing, Dmitri Baltermants, Danny Lyon, and Leonard Freed.

Power and Piety: Spanish Colonial Art

March 2–April 22, 2018
The paintings, sculptures, works of silver, furniture, and other decorative objects of this exhibition demonstrate the wide range of artistic production and devotional practice of colonial Latin America. Drawn from the Collection of the Fondacion Cisneros, founded to enhance the appreciation of art from Latin America, the exhibition reveals the great wealth of the region from the late 17th century until the 1820s.

Thinking Through Art

January 9–April 29, 2018
Presenting art from around the globe, this year’s Thinking through Art exhibition invites school students and teachers—and all visitors—to engage in conversations about their relationship to the surrounding world.

10 Years: The Cameron Print Project

January 9–April 29, 2018
Since 2008 the Studio Art Program has hosted an annual week-long visit of a Cameron Visiting Artist who creates a print or series of prints with students enrolled in Professor Hedya Klein’s silkscreen class. This exhibition includes all of the works produced under this extraordinary collaborative program. Prints by students working with Mark Dion, Derrick Adams, Tomas Vu, Kati Heck, and Rona Yefman, among other artists, will be on view.

The Soviet Century: 100 Years of the Russian Revolution

September 15–December 10, 2017
The 1917 Russian Revolution ushered in a new era of human history. The objects featured here showcase four different moments in Russian and Soviet history, demonstrating how material culture served as a space in which governing forces, both Tsarist and Communist, sought—sometimes unsuccessfully—to gain legitimacy and shape the country’s moral fabric.

Land and Lens: Photographers Envision the Environment

September 15–December 10, 2017
Photographs drawn primarily from the Museum’s rich holdings make up this comprehensive survey of photography and the environment. The exhibit, which is organized in categories spanning cosmological time to the present day, presents seventy images through the lens of environmental appreciation, concern, or activism.

A Story of Art: Gifts from the Collection of Charles S. Moffett ’67 and Lucinda Herrick

September 5–December 10, 2017
This exhibition, organized by Assistant Professor of History of Art Carrie Anderson and students in her January 2017 course, tells a story of artistic production from its conception to its afterlife. The eclectic selection of drawings, photographs, paintings, and sculpture come from the generous bequest of Impressionist scholar and alumnus Charles S. Moffett ’67 and his widow.