Middlebury College Museum of Art


Exhibitions 2011-2012

Following is a list of exhibitions that were on view during the 2011–2012 academic year. Please click on the title of an exhibition to view a full press release for that show.

Shapes in Time: Contemporary Chinese Calligraphy

January 27—Ongoing
Organized by Visiting Assistant Professor Stephen Whiteman, with translations by a number of colleagues in the College’s Chinese and History Departments, this installation demonstrates the endurance and continued vitality of Chinese calligraphy. Works on view, all from the Museum’s collection, are primarily contemporary inscriptions of revered texts. A manuscript dating to the 7th century C.E. and some of the accoutrements of the art of calligraphy are also included.

Environment and Object • Recent African Art

January 27–April 22, 2012
This exhibition presents work by contemporary artists living in African nations and around the world. Including internationally renowned artists El Anatsui and Yinka Shonibare, among others, the exhibition features works of art motivated by the impact of the environment on contemporary African life and the artists’ recurring aesthetic practice of using found objects and appropriated materials.

Painted Metaphors: Pottery and Politics of the Ancient Maya

September 16–December 11, 2011
This exhibit portrays a time of political change in a troubled outpost of the Maya world, and a human story of power and intrigue among people who lived more than 1,300 years ago. Nineteen Chamá polychrome ceramics are accompanied by more than 100 objects illustrating Maya daily life, religious ritual, and shifts in rulership.

How Did I Get Here?

September 6–December 11, 2011
During the spring 2011 semester students in the History of Art and Architecture course Art Museums: Theory and Practice were invited to select a recent acquisition from the Middlebury College Museum’s permanent collection as the focus of their research. Just as each student who matriculates at Middlebury has a story to tell about the journey to campus, every object that enters the museum’s collection comes with a history. In addition to displaying the objects, this exhibition discusses the context from which they come and the significance of their addition to the collection.

Four Works by New York Artist Richard Dupont

through December 11, 2011
New York artist Richard Dupont employs cutting edge technology to produce drawings, prints, sculptures and installations that explore opportunities for self-surveillance and the perception of identity in an increasingly digital world. In 2000 and 2004, he made full-body laser scans of himself that would serve as templates for future works. Four of these are on display at the museum.