Middlebury College Museum of Art


Exhibitions 2009-2010

Following is a list of exhibitions that were on view during the 2009–2010 academic year. Please click on the title of an exhibition to view a full press release for that show.


May 20–August 15. Paintings, prints, and photographs from the Permanent Collection are the basis of this exhibition focused on the idea and the presentation of celebrity.

American Paintings and Prints from Shelburne Museum

February 12–June 6, 2010. Selected from the extensive collection of paintings at the Shelburne Museum, these thirty works represent the wide range of interests of American artists working in both urban and rural areas before 1900.

The Art of Devotion: Panel Painting in Early Renaissance Italy

September 18–December 13, 2009. At heart a collaborative venture, the creation of early fifteenth-century panel paintings in Italy depended upon a tight network of connections between patrons, painters, woodworkers, and gilders. The product of these interactions was an object that served both as a focus for devotion, and as an emphatic statement about wealth and status.

Prints and Prejudice: Woodcuts and Artifacts of the American Civil War

September 4–December 13, 2009. This exhibition will highlight the illustrations of Winslow Homer, Thomas Nast, A.R. Waud, and several other talented but anonymous artists as well as showcasing a variety of related artifacts and daguerreotypes. The exhibit was researched and organized by the students of Professor Christopher Wilson’s First Year Seminar “The Art and Life of Winslow Homer.”