Middlebury College Museum of Art


Current Exhibitions

Below is a list of the exhibitions currently on view at the Museum. Please click on the title of each exhibition to view its full description.

The Soviet Century: 100 Years of the Russian Revolution

September 15–December 10, 2017
The 1917 Russian Revolution ushered in a new era of human history. The objects featured here showcase four different moments in Russian and Soviet history, demonstrating how material culture served as a space in which governing forces, both Tsarist and Communist, sought—sometimes unsuccessfully—to gain legitimacy and shape the country’s moral fabric.

A Story of Art: Gifts from the Collection of Charles S. Moffett ’67 and Lucinda Herrick

September 5–December 10, 2017
This exhibition, organized by Assistant Professor of History of Art Carrie Anderson and students in her January 2017 course, tells a story of artistic production from its conception to its afterlife. The eclectic selection of drawings, photographs, paintings, and sculpture come from the generous bequest of Impressionist scholar and alumnus Charles S. Moffett ’67 and his widow.

Land and Lens: Photographers Envision the Environment

September 15–December 10, 2017
Photographs drawn primarily from the Museum’s rich holdings make up this comprehensive survey of photography and the environment. The exhibit, which is organized in categories spanning cosmological time to the present day, presents seventy images through the lens of environmental appreciation, concern, or activism.

Ancient Mediterranean and Early European Art

Ongoing, Lower Gallery
On view in this updated and revised installation are recent acquisitions in Egyptian and Mesopotamian art as well as Greek, Roman, and medieval European objects from the Museum’s permanent collection. Highlights include an Egyptian Old Kingdom relief and an early fifteenth-century Italian panel painting.

European and American Art

Ongoing, Cerf Gallery
This installation, which changes regularly, features highlights of the Museum’s collection of Western art from the Renaissance to the end of the nineteenth century. Landscapes by American painters Jasper Cropsey and John Frederick Kensett are on view alongside sixteenth- and seventeenth-century European religious and devotional images and American and European sculpture.

Robert F. Reiff Gallery of Asian Art

On view in this gallery is a wide range of East Asian ceramics: Chinese funerary sculpture from the Han (206 B.C.E–220 C.E.) and Tang (618–906) dynasties, celadons and other wares of the Song dynasty (960–1279), and blue-and-white enameled porcelains of the Ming (1368–1644) and Qing dynasties (1644–1911). Also included in the installations are Japanese tea ceremony wares and Korean celadons.