Middlebury College Museum of Art

Cosmic Geometry Restored

Joe Schine, class of 2003, restoring Cosmic Geometry

Local artist Joseph Schine ’03 has been working to restore Sabra Field’s Mural of Cosmic Geometry on the back of Wright Theatre. Read more about the restoration and the mural’s history here.

Upcoming Events

Illustrated Lecture:  Friday, January 19

Fridays at the Museum: A Fayum Portrait from Roman Egypt

Mahaney Center for the Arts, Room 125, 12:30pm

Caroline Knapp ’18

Performance/Lecture:  Friday, February 16

Fridays at the Museum—“[She Is] Beautiful”: the Double Pipe in Greek Music, Religion, and Vase Painting

Mahaney Center for the Arts, Dance Theatre, 12:30pm

Damascus Kafumbe, Pavlos Sfyroeras, and Pieter Broucke

Illustrated Lecture:  Friday, March 9

Fridays at the Museum: James Whistler, Walter Greaves, and the Invention of the Nocturne

Mahaney Center for the Arts, Room 125, 12:30pm

Pieter Broucke, Professor of History of Art and Architecture