Middlebury College Museum of Art

Visual AIDS: Day With(out) Art

30th Annual Visual AIDS Day Without Art

On Thursday, December 5 the Museum will once again be participating in the Visual AIDS Day With(out) Art presentation, a program of seven newly commissioned videos responding to the ongoing HIV/AIDS epidemic. Learn about this year’s program.

Upcoming Events

Opening Reception:  Thursday, February 13

Weimar, Dessau, Berlin: The Bauhaus as School and Laboratory

Mahaney Arts Center, Lower Lobby and Museum, 4:30pm

Erin Sassin, Assistant Professor of History of Art and Architecture

Lecture and Opening Reception:  Wednesday, February 19

Lost Luxuries: Ancient Chinese Gold

Mahaney Arts Center, Room 125 and Lower Lobby, 4:30pm

Sarah Laursen, Curator of Asian Art

Illustrated Lecture:  Tuesday, February 25

Secrets of Ancient Goldsmiths Demystified

Mahaney Arts Center, Room 125, 4:30pm

Jeanette K. Caines